Puppy class

  • For puppies 8 weeks –6 months old.
  • Location: dog training field in Wassenaar.
  • Lessons: 6 x 1 hour.
  • Online theory lesson on Puppy, development and behaviour; we e-mail you the link.
  • Puppy booklet (in Dutch) with all exercises, download with login code.
  • Group size: maximum of 4 dogs.
  • Look in the Agenda for our planning.

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  • Puppy class: € 110
  • Kindergarten lesson: € 20,00 per session
  • Puppy Fun: € 20,00 per dog
puppy cursus | puppy class

In Puppy class you lay the foundation for good communication with your dog. You learn a number of exercises such as sit, down, stay,  walking, playing drop, and come. Through the online theory lesson (in Dutch) you learn about the development and behaviour of your pup, and we explain with positive teaching methods we use.

Every lesson pays attention to socialization, with a tunnel, see-saw, umbrella or ratchet. Mutual respect and understanding is at the heart of our lessons. This is how you build a good connection with your puppy and develop a wonderful family dog.

The exercises are adapted to the development of your dog and are given in small groups. Visiting the Puppy group in advance is possible. Just send us an e-mail to let us know you’d like to come.

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Dog training school HONDERWIJS has no waiting lists for puppies! Book one or two Kindergarten lessons while you wait for the regular Puppy class to start. Enroll your pup in Puppy class and mention that you want to book a Kindergarten lesson. We will e-mail you for an appointment.

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puppy fun

Go on a journey of discovery with your puppy at dog school HONDERWIJS. Over a seesaw, through a ball pit, searching in a water bowl, through a tunnel, and much more.

For all puppies up to 6 months old. On Saturday mornings. Check the Agenda for dates.

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We have compiled a Puppy Booklet especially for students of dog school HONDERWIJS (in Dutch).

We explain what we mean by reward-based training and you can read how you can teach your dog the basic exercises step by step.

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Click HERE or on the picture of Jack and download the HONDERWIJS Puppy booklet.

There are also Online Theory lessons especially for the basic obedience courses; one about dog behaviour and one specifically for puppies.
You will receive a link to our YouTube channel.

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Basic training

Our dog training courses start with a Puppy class and a Basic-1 course, the Basic Training. You can continu either in obedience with the Basic training Advanced or enroll in one of our Workshops. Read more about ..

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