puppy cursus | puppy class

Welcome to HONDERWIJS, centre for pet dogs and their family.

HONDERWIJS is a dog training school for everyone who wants to raise a dog, and do so responsibly. We have different courses for all pups, teens, and adult dogs. Positive reward based training together in a happy relaxed atmosphere. Pleasure and working together with your dog is the foundation of every training.

The courses are based on update knowledge on dog behaviour and training techniques. All trainers are certified dog training instructors and acquired a lot of experience over the years. At HONDERWIJS your dog’s behaviour is a starting point for the lessons rather than the exercises themselves. All exercises are tailored to the dog’s age and learning curve. 

In the Agenda you find the starting dates of our training classes and workshops. 

We look forward to welcoming you and your dog to our dog training school.

Honderwijs Course program

Our dog training courses start with a Puppy class and a Basic-1 course, the Basic Training. You can continu either in obedience with the Basic training Advanced or enroll in one of our Workshops. Read more on ..

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honderwijs inschrijven | honderwijs registration

Enroll your dog by completing the registration form on the website. You instantly receive confirmation. We e-mail the course details approx. two weeks before the course starts. For Puppy class, the Basic-1 and Basic-2 course a link to our online (Dutch) theory lesson will be included, as well as the password for downloading the Puppy Booklet. 

Our dog training courses start with a Puppy class and Basic-1 training. You can continu either in obedience with the Basic training Advanced or enroll in one of our workshops. Read more about ..

Please transfer the course fee to the HONDERWIJS account number 88 KNAB 0255 3935 98  stating your dog’s name. BIC code of the bank is KNABNL2H

The HONDERWIJS dog training location is in Wassenaar-Kerkehout.

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advies hondengedrag | advice on dog behaviour

Dog training

The main goal of HONDERWIJS is to develop a good relationship between you, the owner and your dog, based on mutual respect and understanding. We use positive reinforcement techniques which are important to help build a strong bond between you and your dog or puppy.

hondentraining | dog training

Raising a puppy is not always easy. In order to prevent problem behaviour it is important to get the right advice and provide the correct training to give guidance to your dog. We have time for a short question on behaviour right after each lesson. For more advice we refer you to Janette and Sonja, both certified Behavioral Counselors for Dogs. Make an appointment HERE.

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The trainers

Sonja, Janette and Lucie are qualified pet dog trainers. They are a member of the Dutch Association of Instructors O&O and the international Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT. Janette and Sonja are also certified Behavioral Counselors for Dogs, member of the Association of Behavioral Counsellors for Dogs NVGH, and accredited by Stichting Certipet.


Honderwijs provided a great start for Chester and I, he was the first puppy I had owned and therefore the friendly atmosphere and clear instruction (in English & Dutch) was excellent. We completed the first 2 courses and Chester (a Red Setter) has settled very well in to our family and is a well behaved puppy, thanks to the help received from Janette and Sonja.  It is also great to meet up with other new puppy owners.
Donna with Chester
Thank you Janette and Sonja for your help in teaching me and my family how to train and to be good owners to our little Ronja! Ronja is our first dog and your help has been invaluable to us. Both the different courses and the home visit was great! What stood out through all our contacts was your genuine concern for the wellbeing and happiness of Ronja and all the dogs in your training, something that we greatly appreciate.
referentie ronja
Klas with Ronja
Dear Lucie, Thanks a lot for every wonderful time! I enjoyed so much exploring new areas. Especially I loved the experience doing something meaningful together with my dog. Many concepts( being attentive to subtle and decisive moments, reward to doing nothing, creative feeding, encouragement to doing a new thing...) were so interesting. I know that Toto's issue of being uncomfortable with other dogs cannot be solved easily. But I believe that in a broad sense this precious experience helped us a lot dealing stresses in many situations. Thanks again and have a wonderful time rest of year!
June with Toto