Puppy class

  • For puppies 8 weeks –6 months old.
  • Location: dog training field in Wassenaar.
  • Lessons: 6 x 1 hour.
  • Online theory lesson on Puppy, development and behaviour; we e-mail you the link.
  • Puppy booklet (in Dutch) with all exercises, download with login code.
  • Group size: maximum of 4 dogs.
  • Look in the Agenda for our planning.

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  • Puppy class: € 110
  • Kindergarten lesson: € 20,00 per session
  • Puppy Fun: € 20,00 per dog

In the Puppy class you build a basis for communicating with your dog. You learn exercises like sit, down, stay, walking nicely, playing-drop it, come here. With the online theory lesson (in Dutch) you get information on a dog’s development and on specific puppy behaviour. We also explain which (positive) method we use in our lessons. 

Each lesson we offer some item to get familiar with, a tunnel, a seesaw, an umbrella or a rattle. Socialization is important for any puppy. Mutual respect and understanding is the basis for raising your puppy into a well-balanced companion.

The exercises are tailored to the dog’s development and are offered in small groups of 4 dogs maximum. You are welcome to watch our running Puppy class before enrolling. Please e-mail  us first to let us know that you are coming. 

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Dog training school HONDERWIJS has no waiting lists for puppies! Book one or two Kindergarten lessons while you wait for the regular Puppy class to start. Enroll your puppy in Puppy class and put down a remark that you would also like to book a Kindergarten lesson. We will e-mail you for an appointment.

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Discover with your puppy! Walking over a seesaw, finding treats, play in water, running through a tunnel, and lots more to do. Fun for both you and your puppy dog. 

Suitable for all puppies up to 6 months old. On Saturday mornings. Go to the agenda for our planning.

All our trainees can get access to our special Puppy booklet (in Dutch).

We explain our method based on positive reinforcement techniques and you can find the basic obedience exercises we teach the dogs, step by step. 

Click HERE or on the photo of Jack and you can download the Puppy booklet.

You will get a login code on the information evenings we organise on puppy behaviour and dog language.

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Basic training

Our dog training courses start with a Puppy class and a Basic-1 course, the Basic Training. You can continu either in obedience with the Basic training Advanced or enroll in one of our Workshops. Read more on ..

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