• DoggyIntro for children, at home
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  • Doggy fun time for kids 

DoggyIntro for the children, at home

Honderwijs - DoggyIntro for childrenDuring a single DoggyIntro lesson of 1½ hours at your home, your child learns what a dog is, how he can play with his / her puppy or adult dog, what to do if he growls and when to leave the dog alone. What about his place in the family structure and how can you safely play with your dog. The exercise “say please” is ideal for your young child. The dog will learn to sit in front of you before he gets a cooky. This lesson is given in a playful way, of course, tailored to the age of your child.

The lessons are given by Janette Haring of dogNL


You can contact Janette directly via info@dog.nl

Costs: DoggyIntro (1 ½ hour, at your home address): € 105 + travelling costs 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

Family lessons, at home

Honderwijs - Family lessons at homeEspecially for families, there are Family Lessons at home. The whole family can be involved in the education of your dog.

You’ll teach your dog several exercises and will get the necessary information. Your child will learn about handling the dog and how to safely play with him.  All exercises are tailored to the age of your dog and of course your child(ren).

The lessons are given by Janette Haring van dogNL.  In the intake interview (1½ hours) we jointly determine what to teach the dog.

We’ll start training immediately and usually decide on a total of 5 lessons of 1 hour.


You can contact Janette directly via info@dog.nl

Costs: Family lessons (5 lessons of 1 hour, at your home address): € 335 + travelling costs 30ct/km from Oegstgeest

Doggy fun time for kids

Honderwijs - Fun&Games for kidsA dog at home! Kids love it: a buddy to play with. But how do that knowing your dog is still very young, jumps up all the time and you’re not strong enough to walk your dog yet or do those stupid exercises from the dog training school. How do you play with your dog? And what games you can actually do anyway as a child?

For children who want to do more with their dog we plan some dates Fun&Games for kids, an afternoon at the dog training school in which they’ll learn more about the behaviour of their dog, do a search/finding game, ask their dog to go through a tunnel, teach the dog “say please” and  …. of course will do some agility at the end.

Having fun is important! We’ll finish the afternoon with a snack and something to drink.

The game afternoons are for children aged 8 years and older and are welcome with a dog (min. 4 months old) who is registered with us as a student. Decision to participate is assessed by the trainer.

In the agenda you can find the planned data and time. We’ll continue if there are 4 children each with a dog; the group will have a max of 6 dogs.

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Costs: Doggy fun time for kids (1 ½ hour): € 35 per dog/child.

Location: dog training school

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