Welcome at HONDERWIJS, centre for pet dogs and their family

At this dog training school, you can find courses for raising and training your dog. HONDERWIJS provides a happy relaxed atmosphere for you and your dog to learn positive reward based training together. To give your puppy the best start in life it’s essential that you teach him or her to be well behaved, have good manners and be friendly to people and other dogs.

The expert trainers of dog training school HONDERWIJS can teach you what to do best in the first weeks, when your puppy has an open mind for new experiences. But also older dogs can learn new tricks, especially when adopted and building a new relationship.

The main goal of HONDERWIJS is to develop a good relationship between you, the owner and your dog, based on mutual respect and understanding. We use positive reinforcement techniques which are important to help build a strong bond between you and your puppy. You will gain an understanding of dog behaviour, dog communication and body language, as well as how to teach your puppy cues and response to basic cues. All exercises will be easy to learn and are taught step-by-step.

Our trainers are qualified pet dog trainers and certified behavioral counselors for dogs, accredited by the Dutch “Stichting Certipet” and are a member of the Dutch Association of Behavioral Counsellors for Dogs NVGH, the Dutch Association of instructors O&O and the international Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT.

Information on our classes, private training, workshops and training location you can find under English at the top of the page.

Classes can be given in English, in a group usually combined with Dutch dog owners.

As soon as you’ve filled in the registration form, you are registered for that specific course. Final grouping will be done approx. 2 weeks before the course starts. You’ll receive a confirming email. You can also find details of payment in this email. We ask you to transfer the amount before starting the course, to the Knab bank on accountnumber  NL88 KNAB 0255 3935 98 (BIC code KNABNL2H) refering to the name of the dog.

We welcome you on our dog training school.

In the Agenda you can find the exact date our classes and workshops start.

Our training classes and workshops:

training location dog training school HONDERWIJS
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Training location:

Raaphorstlaan 29C

2245 BJ  Wassenaar

Location theory:

Hotel/Restaurant De Bijhorst

Zijdeweg 58

2245 BZ  Wassenaar


Thank you, Janette, for helping me learn to train Skipper. You have been very patient and calm in spite my high-spirited boxer. I also appreciate how you were able to talk me through using what we do in class at home.

Julie and Skipper (Puppy class)


Honderwijs provided a great start for Chester and I, he was the first puppy I had owned and therefore the friendly atmosphere and clear instruction (in English & Dutch) was excellent. We completed the first 2 courses and Chester (a Red Setter) has settled very well in to our family and is a well behaved puppy, thanks to the help received from Janette and Sonja.

 It is also great to meet up with other new puppy owners.

Donna with Chester (Beginners and Basic 2 course)


My husband and I have always adopted shelter dogs or taken in strays. We’d dealt with problems before but nothing prepared us for Troelie, age 11/2, and Ferro, age 6, border collies adopted from a shelter in Belgium. Neither was housebroken. Ferro could be aggressive with other dogs and fixated on bicycles. Troelie, emaciated from giardia, was terrified of everything except other dogs.  Any new situation rendered her dead-eyed and motionless—she’d collapse in a terrified crouch. We had to pick her up and carry her to get her to move at all.

We called Honderwijs and Janette agreed to come to our home the next day for a thorough evaluation.  She prepared a page and a half of written advice–most of which was completely new to us. We gratefully followed her suggestions, including crating the dogs and fitting them with pheromone collars, with good results. She came with me to the kennel when vacation plans forced us to kennel the dogs for 10 days after having them only 10 weeks. She knew the kennel workers and together, they came up with a way to handle our dogs.

We signed up for basic training for both dogs.  Troelie’s come a long way but she requires special treatment in class and both Janette and her partner, Sonja, modified exercises for Troelie without short-changing the rest of the participants.  With the guidance of Honderwijs, we look forward to many enjoyable years with Ferro and Troelie.

Suzanne & Paul with Troeli & Ferro (Basic 2 course)

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